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Número pax: Min. 6 / Max. 15 (cupos limitados) 
Difficulty: Medium/high (Average: 63,2 km Per day/ Road type: 100 km gravel - 208  km pavement) Previous experience in recreational or professional cycling sports, good physical condition and previous training.

PRICE $490.000 CLP


July 21 to 26 

 Elqui valley & Antakari ITINERARY

The route of the Elqui Valley and Antakari starts in La Serena, goes into the Elqui Valley in the town of Vicuña and Pisco Elqui, in this place we will make astronomical tours and a tasting some piscos drinks of the area. We will continue our journey through the Hurtado River Valley where we will visit the Pichasca Natural Monument, a place that hides the ancestral secrets and vestiges of the past. We will return in this circuit through the town of Andacollo religious cultural center and we will finish in the city of Coquimbo.



At 16:00 pm we will meet at the hostel, where the eco-expedition guide team will be presented, providing general information about the route and services included in the tour, instructions and safety recommendations will be given, equipment revision, mechanics of bicycles and the last details of the preparation of the tour will be adjusted.



We will start our course early in the morning, towards the town of Pisco Elqui, during our journey, it will be possible to see different ways of farming and landscapes typical of the cordilleran sectors of the fourth region. Upon reaching the town we will find the heart of the valley, one of the most emblematic village of our route, thats belong to its large liquor industry based on the delicious grapes that sprout, its beautiful rural infrastructure mainly built based on adobe materials, as well as being a meeting point for many travelers and visitors. During our passage through the sector, we will visit one of the farms to make a tasting of piscos drinks, and taste different others liquors, tour the town, enjoy the treasures that this Elqui Valley offers us.



We will prepare ourselves to face one of the most demanding challenges of our expedition, the route to the  Hurtado River Valley sector. Finding again the town of vicuña, where we will take course towards the D-445 route, then 10 km. we will find a long slope of gravel. After this, we will begin to descend through the streams, during our route it will be possible to appreciate different attractions, among them: The observatory 'El Pangue', the beginning of the steamed river, one of the important tributaries of the area, which provides water To the entire water system of the southern sector of the fourth region, we will finally rest in a farm in Río Hurtado, with a mystique of countryside and traditions.



We will start our day pedaling the ancestral lands sector that the town of Pichasca and the Pichasca Natural Monument sector offers, within them, we can enjoy and observe the vestiges of the ancient Molle civilization, as well as different paleontological features typical of the area, such as fossils of dinosaurs and petrified coniferous forests, showing the great value and cultural potential of the transversal valleys of Chile. Later we will continue our route in the direction to the town of Andacollo, on our way, we will begin to see geological features of great scenic value, as well as cultural, where we will be able to appreciate the change of economic activity when encountering different sites and a village located around to the mining and tourism industry.



We will start our course through route 41, with  direction to Elqui valley. As we begin to enter this winding valley, we can see the differences that exist between urban and rural areas, bringing out the agricultural and wine fields of this area, fertile and great to the cultivation of different species, mostly linked to fruits and vegetables . After 44 km of pedaling, we will see our first attraction, the Puclaro Reservoir, important within the resources of the area as well as part of his history, where we will evidence significant local and cultural features. Later we will continue our journey, until reaching the town of Vicuña, where we can learn part of the colonial history of Chile, as well as the great Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral and take an Astronomical tour.

DAY 6 


We will make the last journey of our route, where we will take the D-51 route to the city of Coquimbo, place of culmination of our Ecoexpedición, at this time we will descend between valleys along a totally paved road, in this section we will show the variations that exist between the Rural and urban sectors from a different perspective to the beginning of our pedaling and we will finish our tour in the City of Coquimbo, where we will celebrate and close the eco-expedition.



Hostal o cabañas, 4 noches.  

Camping, 2 noches. (Incluye carpas para 2 y 3 personas de uso compartido).


Desayuno: (preparado por servicio de alojamiento y staff de guías).
Ración de marcha en ruta: (preparado por Staff de guías).
Cena: (en servicio de alojamiento o restaurantes locales).


Transfer Tours Astronómico


Tours líder: Guía de cicloturismo en ruta, responsable de la expedición, certificado en 1°auxilios, conocimientos en interpretación ambiental y cicloturismo, nivel medio o avanzado en inglés.

Camioneta: Conductor, responsable del vehículo de apoyo, de realizar asistencia técnica conservicio de repobike, logística de alimentación en ruta y encargado ante una evacuaciones de emergencia. 

Mecánico: Guía de cicloturismo en ruta, responsable de la mecánica de bicicletas y monitoreodel equipamiento de cicloturismo del grupo de viaje. Conocimientos avanzados en mecánica y recomendaciones de cicloturismo.


Camioneta de apoyo

Campamento: Carpas marmot 3 estaciones, para 2 a 3 personas, domo comunitario,implementación de cocina

Seguridad, comunicaciones y 1° auxilios: Tabla espinal, cuello ortopédico, botiquines envehículo y para guías de ruta, radios de comunicación VHF para staff, teléfono satelital.

Mecánica: Servicio de Repobike (bicicleta de repuesto en ruta en caso de falla mecánica grave del equipamiento personal), caja de herramientas, accesorios y repuestos.


Enoturismo, cata de Licores

Tour Astronómico

Visita a Monumento Natural Pichasca

*  Todas nuestras actividades incluyen un seguro de accidentes con cobertura en actividades de ciclismo y turismo de aventura.


- Traslados Internacionales 

- Traslados Residencia/ La Serena / Residencia.

- Bebidas alcohólicas y comidas a la carta. 

- Bicicleta y equipo de cicloturismo (Servicio Adicional).

- Servicios no especificado anteriormente.