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Carretera Austral Chile
World Capital of Cycling Tourism

Sustainable travel agency, which tries to promote the Carretera Austral as one of the World Capitals of Cyclotouring. Cycle through the most extraordinaries Chilean destinations.

Traveling with the bicycle connects you to the nature and culture, and at the same time it is possible to be a protagonist of the local sustainable development, being a contributor for the environment and the local communities.

PASSENGER CONTRIBUTION September 22 / March 23

100 bike rental

Close to 1.000 rental days from our guided and self-guided trips.

55.000 KM

Cycling tourist have ridden more than 50.000 kms based on sustainable tourism, promoting local development in more than 20 towns along the Route 7

11.53 ton.CO2 
per year

Diminishing 11.53 tons of CO2 in the environment through this low carbon bike mode of transportation, comparing with a car road trips. 

Bike also enhance the appreciation and sense of connection with nature and landscape due to the slow travel experience into the wild allowing unique encounters in the route.


Cicloaustral promotes the sustainable tourism in the Carretera Austral, being the bridge between cyclist, host community, and the destination, reducing environmental impact while contributing to local development in rural and remote areas.