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Austral Road
Pax number: Min. 6 / Max. 10 (limited vacancies) 
Difficulty: Medium/high (Average: 62 km per day / road type: 150 km gravel - 409 km pavement)
Previous experience in recreational or professional cycling sports, good physical condition and previous training.

Tour $750.000 clp
Tour + Bike $930.000 clp


Jan 6 - 16

Feb 3 - 13


Northem Austral Road Itinerary

The city of Puerto Montt is the entrance to route 7, this adventure of cycling invites you to visit the most spectacular landscapes of the Northem Austral Road. We will start the journey navigating the Reloncaví Estuary and the Bi-modal Route and pedaling through mountains, lakes, rivers, fjords, glaciers and native forests of the Los Lagos and Aysén Region.
You will meet more than 10 locations, among which are Hornopirén, Chaitén, Villa Santa Lucía, La Junta, Puyuhuapi, Mañihuales and Coyhaique. In these destinations, we will make our lodging and feeding stops, where we can know part of the history, traditions and local culture. This Cycletouring route faces pavement and gravel roads, as well as important challenges such as the Moraga and Queulat slope.
Come with us to know and enjoy spectacular attractions such as Pumalín Park, Yelcho Glacier, Palena River, Risopatron Lake, the majestic Hanging Glacier of Queulat National Park. Do not miss out on this great personal experience, an opportunity to travel sustainably and contributing to local communities.



At 5 p.m. we will meet at the hostel, where the team of guides will present themselves and provide general information of the route and services included in the tour. They will give safety instructions and recommendations, make a revision of the equipment and the bicycle mechanics, and the last details of the tour preparation will be adjusted.



In the morning we will embark with our bicycles on the barge of the Bimodal Route. The navigation lasts 5 hours in the middle of fjords of Patagonia and you will have spectacular views of the Andes mountain range. Then we will arrive at the South Entrance of the Pumalín Park in Caleta Gonzalo. We will be cycling in the middle of an evergreen forest, take a break to walk the trail of millenary larch trees and continue our journey until we reach the sector of The Volcano of the Pumalín Park.



We will start cycling along Route 7, crossing the Pumalín Park. Then we continue a gravel road, with panoramic views of the Chaitén volcano, where we can observe the traces of its eruption. We will take a break in the city of Chaitén to visit the city and have lunch to recover energy.  We keep on going along a paved road through El Amarillo sector of the Pumalín Park. The route goes on until we reach the town of Puerto Cárdenas and the famous Yelcho suspension bridge, where it is possible to admire the mouth of the lake and the glacier of the same name. Bordering the beautiful Yelcho Lake we will arrive at our accommodation.



The route begins with a beautiful scenery surrounded by native forest and views of the Yelcho glacier. We will face a high difficult climb of the Moraga hill, and as we pass this peak we will continue the descent where we can admire the impressive trace left by the terrible alluvium of Villa Santa Lucia of the year 2017, a phenomenon that radically transformed the landscape of the town and the life of its inhabitants. We will continue our journey along a winding paved road, bordering the Frío River, Palena, entering the Aysén Region until we reach the town of La Junta.



After breakfast, we will start our first stretch along the coast of Puerto Montt to enter Route 7. We will take a barge to cross the Reloncaví Estuary up to Caleta Puelche. Then we continue along the coast near the town of Contao, to continue paths with slopes and mixed terrain of gravel and pavement, which will allow us to get to know the rural sector of the Hualaihué area, until reaching the town of Hornopirén.

DAY 6 


We continue in the direction of Puyuhuapi bordering the river and Lake Risopatrón. Then we will insert ourselves in the impressive scenery of The Queulat National Park, to reach the town of Puyuhuapi which is known for its carpets factory and architecture influenced by German settlers. We will arrive at our accommodation, have lunch and in the afternoon drive in a van to enjoy the hot springs in front of the Puyuhuapi fiord.

DAY 7 


On a paved road, we border the wonderful fjord to reach the Queulat National Park. The evergreen forest owns the landscape. After setting up camp we will trek through the park. There are two alternatives; one option is to go on the interpretive trail and the trail to the Témpano Lagoon to admire the imposing hanging glacier. And the other option for the more adventurous ones is to take a guided interpretive trekking along the trail that leads to the viewpoint of the hanging glacier. This day will be key to get some rest and face the Queulat slope the next day.



After getting to know and touring the Queulat National Park, we continue our journey with a stretch of gravel and dirt roads until we come face to face with a challenge of incredible beauty, the Cuesta Queulat. A progressive climb of a continuous winding road, consisting of 33 curves that show the best of the landscape of the park and its surroundings. After a long descent, we will continue a winding paved road and another high intensity steep hill to reach Villa Amengual.

DAY 10


Over a paved and gravel road, the final section of the Northern Carretera Austral offers us some typical landscapes of Patagonia. On the way we will stop for lunch in Villa Ortega and have some rest to continue the last 32 km that will take us to the city of Coyhaique, where we will complete the first stage of our trip on a bike.



Continuing Route 7 on a paved road, we will cross the Las Torres National Reserve, and it will be possible to enjoy a ride in the middle of a privileged scenery of colours formed by the sky, rivers, forests and mountains, in a transition from the temperate rain forest to the Patagonian steppe. At the end of the tour we can observe the agricultural fields, the unique Lagoon Esponja and the Colmillo Hill in the town of Villa Mañihuales.

DAY 11 - COYHAIQUE - (End of tour)

On day 11, the day you will be able to return to your homes, breakfast is included. It is recommended to travel by plane from Balmaceda airport with the companies www.latam.com, www.skyairlines.cl or www.jetsmart.com



Hostel o cabins, 5 nights.  

Camping, 5 nights. (Includes tents for 2 and 3 people sharing).


Breakfast: (prepared by accommodation service and guide staff)
Snack: (prepared by guide staff).
Dinner: (prepared by accommodation service or local restaurants)


Van Puerto Montt to Caleta Puelche

Ferry Estuario del Reloncaví.

Ferry Ruta Bimodal (Hornopirén to Caleta Gonzalo).

Van Puyuhuapi termas and return.


Tour leader: Cycling tour guide, responsible for the expedition, certified in first aid, knowledgeable in environmental interpretation and bicycle touring, intermediate or advanced level in English and bike mechanic knowledge. 

Truck: Driver, is responsible for the support vehicle, to give technical assistance with the repo bike service, food logistics on route and in charge of emergency evacuations.

Mechanic: Cycling tour guide, responsible for the mechanics of bicycles and monitoring of the tour group cycling equipment. Advanced knowledge in mechanics and bicycle touring recommendations. (plus 7 pax)


Camp: Tents marmot 3 stations, for 2 to 3 people, community dome, kitchen implementation.

Safety, communications and first aid: Spine board, orthopaedic neck brace, first aid kits in the car and for the guides on route, VHF communication radios for staff, satellite telephone

Mechanics: Repobike service (spare bike on route in case of serious mechanical failure of personal equipment), tool box, accessories and spare parts.


Trekking: larches trail, Pumalín National Park.

Hot springs: Ventisquero de Puyuhuapi

Entrance to the Queulat National Park: Guided trekking on the interpretative trail Lagoon Tempano or the Queulat Glacier.

* The tour includes adventure tourism insurance.

* Customers may carry their luggage in the support vehicle.

Más información o reservas



International Transfers

Transfer Residence/PuertoMontt/Coyhaique/Residence.

Alcoholic beverages and a la carte meals.

Bicycle and bicycle touring equipment (Additional Service)

International transfer commission or Pay Pal Charge.

Services not specified above.

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