Routes & Tours Cycletouring Austral road 2018-2019

 Estuario Reloncaví expedition 
Puerto Varas To Puerto Montt

Guided tour

Difficulty: Medium low

5 days - 162 km

Limited vacancies​

From Puerto Varas we will cross the road to the Carretera Austral, in this scenic route we will be able to surround the Llanquihue Lake, admire the impressive Osorno volcano and the recently awakened Calbuco volcano, we will visit Los Salto del Petrohué and the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park to finish knowing, the towns of Cochamó and Río Puelo as well as the imposing Reloncaví Estuary.

Northem Austral Road
Puerto Montt to Coyhaique

Guided Tour

Difficulty: high 

10 days - 559 km.

Limited vacancies

From Puerto Montt we will start our route crossing estuaries and fjords to reach different locations on the Carretera Austral. During the route we can admire a landscape full of contrasts and colors interlaced by the sky, mountains and native forests, which will be part of the personal challenge to be made, and also you will be able to see natural attractions such as the Yelcho lake and glacier, the majestic hanging snowdrift of the National Park Queulat, and many more. Finalizing our experience in the city of Coyhaique, Region of Aysén.

South Austral Road
Coyhaique to Caleta Tortel

Guided Tour 

Difficulty: High

9 days - 490 km.

Limited vacancies 


From Coyhaique city, we start the most southern bike stretch fromt Ruta 7. In the middle of a patagonic steppe landscape, ice fields and big chances of adverse climate conditions, we will travel the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, we will border the turquoise colors of the General Carrera lake, we sail in the middle of the Marble Cathedrals, surprise with the power of the Baker river, look for the opportunity to know the huemules in the Tamango National Reserve and walk through the gateways town; Caleta Tortel, were we go back again to the city of Coyhaique.

Interlagos Ecoexpedition 
Curacautín To Panguipulli 

Guided Tour

Difficulty: Medium 

7 days - 398 km

Limited vacancies 

From Curacautín we will visit the northern area of ​​the Araucanía Region, in this scenic and cultural route we can discover the emblematic Conguillio National Park, explore its trails, lakes, snowy mountains and the beautiful tradition of Araucaria. We will continue going through the towns of Melipeuco, Cunco, winding valleys and hidden lakes, different cultural heritage routes belonging to the millenary Mapuche village where we can finish the tour with adventure experiences and emotions in the middle of nature and attractions surrounding these landscape and localities

Isla de Maipo & Laguna de Aculeo

Guided Tour

Difficulty: Medium/high

2 days - 110 km

Limited vacancies

We will meet early in Plaza Italia to deliver our bicycles and equipment for your transfer to Pirque, where we will begin our journey to Isla de Maipo, in this route we can appreciate the rural landscape of the Metropolitan Region, then visit the Museum Andino, located in Viña Santa Rita. After a 57km stretch we will arrive at our overnight place, where we can relax in the pools and share a barbecue.

The second day takes us to the valley where the Laguna de Aculeo is located, which we will cover in all its extension, knowing the landscapes that the sclerophyllous forest of the Central zone gives us.


 Elqui Valley 
Ovalle To Vicuña

Guided Tour

Difficulty :Medium

7 days - 256 km

Limited vacancies

We invite you to be amazed by the landscape of the Valley, its imposing nature and one of the cleanest skies on the planet, which will give us the privilege of enjoying the infinity of stars and mysteries that this land has. In this place we can feel the history, its people and our distinguished Nobel Prize for Literature, Gabriela Mistral, as well as taste the culinary and viticultural wonders that this area hides.

Tailor-made Tour Cycling 
Carretera Austral - Ruta 7
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