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Pax number: Min. 6 / Max. 10 (limited vacancies) 
Difficulty: High (Average: 60 km per day/ Road type: 443 km gravel - 120 km pavement) 
Previous experience in recreational or professional cycling sports, good physical condition and previous training.


Tour $1.000.000 CLP - (U$1.300)

Tour + bike $1.200.000 CLP -  (U$1.550)


- Jan 20  to Feb 1

- Feb 17 to March 1 

year 2021

South Austral Road ITINENARY

From the City of Coyhaique we will start the most southern bicycle section of Route 7, in the middle of a landscape of mountains, Patagonian steppe, ice fields and great possibilities of adverse weather conditions, we will cross the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, we will border the turquoise colors of the General Carrera Lake in the town of Puerto Tranquilo, we will sail in the middle of the Marble Cathedrals, we will be surprised with the power of the Backer River with a Rafting activity in Puerto Bertrand, and we will enter the unique landscape of Patagonia between the city of Cochrane and the Ñadis sector, and we will be dazzled with the last inhospitable stretch to finish the Carretera Austral in Villa O'Higgins, from where we will return to the city of Coyhaique to end the trip.



Arrival to Coyhaique, we will meet at 5:00 pm at the Huella Patagónica Hostel to carry out an induction of the route, itineraries and program description, to later review the travel equipment and the condition of our bicycles. At the dinner will be provided travel recommendations, road safety skills and minimum impact practices.



We started our first stretch on paved road, to make a rest and food stop in the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, accompanied by a spectacular landscape of Patagonian steppe and rock formations. We will continue the journey facing the famous slope of  Devil that will lead us up and down to the town of Villa Cerro Castillo, located opposite the huge massif of the same name, to reach our accommodation



With steep ascents and loose gravel road, the landscape is modeled by native forests and forest development land. We border the Murta River to welcome the General Carrera or Chelenko Lake (native language), where we can dazzle with its turquoise water color and finally reach Puerto Río Tranquilo, a tourist town on the Carretera Austral Sur.



We start the tour bordering the lake, at the distance we can admire valleys that descend from Campo de Hielo Norte, and we will arrive at the bridge "Lago General Carrera" where Lake Bertrand is born. We will arrive at the Maitén junction where the roads for Puerto Guadal and Chile Chico are bifurcated, we will continue on Carretera Austral in a section of permanent ascents and slopes to reach Puerto Bertrand.



By gravel road and with the presence of slopes, we will cross the Emerald, Juncal and Chacabuco lakes, in the middle of Patagonian steppe fields, it will be possible to admire Mount San Lorenzo in perspective, we will continue by gravel road until descending the slope of the Ñadis , we go into one of the best kept secrets of Patagonia, in the middle of a unique landscape we will camp in the valley of Los Ñadis Sector.



In this last section, we will continue through wetlands, peat bogs, passing through the transition from the Patagonian steppe to the evergreen forest, until we reach the famous town of Caleta Tortel, famous village of the  footbridges of natives trees, which allow connect the houses with the civic center and the public services of the commune.



We start our first stretch of paved road of the Southern Carretera Austral, this part startreally flatland but then star to appear some slopes up hills until Laguna Chiguay where we make a stop to get the camping and some rest in the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, accompanied by a spectacular landscape of Patagonian steppe and rock formations. 



In Cerro Castillo village the asphalt ends and we start a road of high difficulty. We can observe many attractions of the route such as Laguna Verde, the Dead Forest in the Ibáñez River, landscape modeled by the ashes from the Hudson Volcano in 1991. We will make a free camping with all the comforts of the camp, to insert ourselves in the wild of route 7.

DAY 7 


Continue along the Austral route heading south, following the Baker River in the middle of a Patagonian steppe landscape where the trees begin to disappear and the grasslands invade the landscape in the midst of sinuous mountains. We will stop for a walk to the junction of  Baker River with the Neff River, which descends from the depths of Campo de Hielo Norte. We will continue our journey passing very close to the Patagonia Park, where it is possible to see wildlife until we reach the town of Cochrane.

DAY 11


From Tortel, we start in the morning with a tranfer on Van journey to theto get to  junction with Route 7, where we start biking join through a very winding road and steep slopes bordering a large ravine, and at the end of an intense descent, we will arrive at the Puerto Yungay sector , where we embark on the ferry Padre Ronchi for 30 minutes that will take us to the Rio Bravo ramp. Here we will continue our journey in the middle of a unique landscape of Patagonia, it will be possible to admire the New Year river, flora and fauna and beautiful waterfalls, to finalize the section in our rugged camping place.

In this last section of the Carretera Austral, we will cross a landscape composed of wetlands, lagoons and mountains. We can observe rural farms and the work of the pioneers of the area, which will guide us to our last destination on Route 7, the town of Villa O'Higgins, where we will celebrate the arrival and end of the intense challenge.

DAY 12


DAY 13


Return journey by van to the city of Coyhaique, making panoramic stops, rest and food. At night we will arrive in the city of Coyhaique to prepare everything for the return to homes

DAY 14 - COYHAIQUE (End of Tour)

On day 14, the day you will be able to return to your homes, breakfast is included. It is recommended to travel by plane from Balmaceda airport with the companies www.latam.com, www.skyairlines.cl or www.jetsmart.com



Hostel or cabins, 6 nights.  

Camping, 4 night, 1 in a wild camping  (Includes tents for 2 and 3 people sharing).


Breakfast: (prepared by accommodation service and guide staff)
Snack: (prepared by guide staff).
Dinner: (prepared by accommodation service or local restaurants)


Van Transfer from Caleta Tortel to Coyhaique

Ferry from Puerto Yungay to Río Bravo. 


Tour leader: Cycling tour guide, responsible for the expedition, certified in first aid, knowledgeable in environmental interpretation and bicycle touring, intermediate or advanced level in English, bicycle mechanics. 

Truck: Driver, is responsible for the support vehicle, to give technical assistance with the repo bike service, food logistics on route and in charge of emergency evacuations.

Mechanic: Cycling tour guide, responsible for the mechanics of bicycles and monitoring of the tour group cycling equipment. Advanced knowledge in mechanics and bicycle touring recommendations. (more than 7 pax). 


Camp: Tents marmot 3 stations, for 2 to 3 people, community dome, kitchen implementation.

Safety, communications and first aid: Spine board, orthopaedic neck brace, first aid kits in the car and for the guides on route, VHF communication radios for staff, satellite telephone

Mechanics: Repobike service (spare bike on route in case of serious mechanical failure of personal equipment), tool box, accessories and spare parts.


Navigation: Marble Cathedrals Rafting: Baker River

Trekking: Confluence of the Baker River.

* The tour includes adventure tourism insurance.

* Customers may carry their luggage in the support vehicle.




International Transfers. 

Transfer Residence/Coyhaique/Residence.

Alcoholic beverages and a la carte meals.

Bicycle and bicycle touring equipment (Additional Service)

International transfer commission or Pay Pal Charge.

Services not specified above.

Tips are voluntary.

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